12/17/2011 10:04 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Gifts For Different Personality Types

For the friend who subscribes to more than three fashion/style magazines...

1. Edgy, but still sweet, these earrings look far more expensive than they actually are.

2. These enameled bowls-a collaboration between Paul Smith and Stelton--are imminently collectible, and ideal for the odds and ends of life.

3. Bright orange makes this oversize clutch irresistible (and its patent-like, waterproof finish, makes it perfect for plopping down on a bar).

4. Shoe clips transform the most ho-hum high heels into something totally party-worthy.

5. Artist Ryan McGuinness doodled all over a standard composition book, which means you don't have to.

For the friend who prizes comfort above all things...

1. One huge upside of a great, statement-making necklace? It automatically makes any outfit look finished. Plus, if it's multi-colored, it does the color coordinating, too.

2. There's a reason these unisex slippers are a classic: They might be strangely pod-like but they compensate by being insanely warm.

3. Nothing quite telegraphs laidback chic like a worn-in chambray shirt. For added outfit complexity, advise your friend to layer one in between a t-shirt and a cardigan. (Works for boys and girls alike!)

For women, for men.

4. These mittens are the best of both worlds: Fully insulating for frigid days, but easily fingerless when you need to access your phone or Metrocard on the go.

For women, for men.

5. When it has to be on-duty, a sweatshirt that's styled with something polished--like a silk button-down and pencil skirt--looks fancy; When it gets to be off-duty, it's just a sweatshirt (arguably the best thing ever). If you're shopping for a guy, choose one that half zips up top (they look great with oxfords).

For women, for men.

For the friend who thinks nothing of throwing a last-minute dinner party...

1. This stunningly beautiful cookbook may be dedicated to vegetarians, but there's plenty in here to please even the most hardcore meat eater.

2. These shatterproof glasses mimic crystal, which means wine salesman take them on the road. They're perfect for those times when the guest list exceeds the glass inventory (they're much more stylish than standard plastic, plus they're reusable).

3. Well-positioned bud vases dress up a table, without inhibiting conversation.

4. It's hard to think of a single thing that can't be cooked in a Lodge skillet.

5. This knife set is as functional as it is good-looking.

6. These simple wine bottle coasters catch messy drips.

For the friend who prizes minimalism above all things...

1. Inarguably, one can never have too many zippable pouches: These are tops for keeping the essentials of life organized on the go.

2. The sort of necklace that's so low-key, it's almost invisible, I.e., it can be worn every single day.

3. We're betting this particular brand of friend is on top of their snail mail and constantly stock-piling great looking stationery.

4. Styled like a lego, this pill box makes organizing daily vitamins a cinch.

5. These lightweight boots from Native keep feet dry, without looking way too bulky. Plus, they're partially lined with fleece for added warmth.

For the vintage-obssesed friend who never met a flea market that didn't need to be shopped...

1. Sure, these are meant for children, but they're wildly cute: And everyone--particularly shoppers--always needs reusable canvas totes.

2. Flea-marketing requires getting up really early: An old-world insulated hoodie is an easy layer to shed (plus this unfussy color won't show dirt or grime).

3. At any flea market, cash is king: Plus this vintage-y money clip has the right vibe.

4. Pleasingly retro, these old-school hightops provide the right amount of ankle support for trouncing around in the mud.

5. Wonderfully understated and unfancy, this classic watch won't undermine anyone's bartering skills.