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How to Be Happy

Posted: 08/31/2012 1:18 am

As we all know, life is short. It is therefore one of the rarest and most valuable commodities we have. In case you ever forget this tenet, recall Drake's horrendous acronym: YOLO. In an age where everyone is looking for contented happiness, many cannot achieve this psychological state and fall into what they feel is depression.

We live in a viscous world of instant gratification. The intoxicating effects of artificial happiness often leave us feeling down when that short-lived exhilaration subsides. The reality is that the exhilaration was insubstantial to begin with, so when it wears off you are left with something far worse than depression: feeling down after a happiness that was not real in the first place.

We often encounter these "depressed" individuals who feel that when they try, the result is rarely efficacious. Their solution? They give up on trying altogether. Well, that ends today.

Being happy is a state of mind, not an action, and this article will provide the panacea for your painful troubles.

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  • 1. Be Sad

    In the same way that the first step to jilting an addiction is to accept your denial, the first step to achieving happiness is to accept your depression. Depression is not necessarily an indelible experience, nor is it immutable. So let it all out -- get it all out of your system. Do not say, "I'm fine" when you are clearly not. It is a near-truism in physics that a tossed rubber ball must hit the ground before releasing its kinetic energy and bouncing back up. By allowing yourself to reach bottom, you will see clearer that what is ahead will be better than now.

  • 2. Delete The Toxic People In Your Life

    Psychologically, we are known to act in a way that reflects the people we are surrounded by. So if you are going to hangout with pessimistic friends, then expect yourself to feel less optimistic about your own potential. Usually, these people are around to use you anyway. They compose an artificial circle that will bring you down more than it pushes you up. If they do not present a positive worth, then you should question their worth as friends to begin with. Always remember this rule of thumb: you are whom you surround yourself with. So surround yourself with those who are positive.

  • 3. Do Things That Terrify You

    When one is depressed, he is usually in a physiologically stagnant state. Happiness comes with the satisfaction of an outcome: If you do not act, there will never be an outcome. By doing things that terrify you, you will train your personality to want action -- even if it is a risk. The potential of a fearless mind is great, and you will never again limit yourself. Depression is an inherently ironic state: You are to sad or afraid to act, when a simple action will produce the content you need to be happy in the first place. So break the cycle.

  • 4. Recognize That Being Happy Is A Conscious Decision

    So, given that happiness is the result of action, depression seems more a conscious decision than it is a psychologically ineluctable.  The happiness you crave is consciously tangible -- do you want it? Decide you do, and then act towards achieving it.

  • 5. Leave The Past Behind

    One of the biggest causes of depression is the instinctual memory that causes us to remember failures, and therefore fear the consequences of failing. The past is the past for a reason: If you fear acting because you think a failed consequence is assured, then you are reasoning defeat before it even happens.

  • 6. Have Sex

    Plain and simple, everyone needs self-indulged pleasure. Think about how happy you feel after sex? Pretty damn good about yourself. So go out there and find the right booty-call that suits you. Self-indulgence allows you to experience happy in the same way that action does: It allows you to understand that happiness is something you control, rather than an emotion of chance.

  • 7. Pick Up A Hobby

    No one wants to admit it, but we inherently enjoy certain tasks that pertain to our predilections. It could be art, books or even boxing. Whatever it may be, a hobby allows us to enjoy the small satisfaction outside of the taxing duties of work. While the risk-taking mentioned in the steps above provides your overall happiness, you need to likewise experience satisfaction without a consequence. A hobby will never present a fear of failure, so it will counterbalance the stress of your job by providing happiness inconsequential of when times are tough.

  • 8. Tone Down The Social Media

    Social media makes you depressed. Constantly looking what your friends are doing takes a toll on your mind and emotions by creating an anxiety of missing out. Tone it down for a week or two -- trust us, you will be able to live your life worry-free. When you stop caring about the actions of others, you will be able to focus on yourself and your own happiness.

  • 9. Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

    So the day you stop caring what others think of you is the day you stop being their prisoner. Do what makes you happy -- at the end of the day, when you are at your final hour, what will you be doing? Self-reflection. Not other reflection. So understand that being content with yourself is the one true key to happiness.

  • Meet New People

    Venturing out and meeting people you never thought you could possibly meet is an aspect to life often overlooked. There are seven billion people on earth, why not meet them and expand your experiential horizons? The knowledge you will gain is truly unimaginable -- people often provide outlooks you might not see yourself. And, hey, you might meet some new booty calls.

  • 11. Find A Quiet Place To Clear Your Mind

    After all of these steps have been taken, it is important to find a place to make your safe haven. It can be the lake, mountain or even a quiet space outside of nature. Whatever it is, finding a place to quietly reflect is key to a sound soul. If we cannot be content in solitude, how can we ever be content in public?


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