10/21/2011 11:11 am ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Tanzanian Tug Of War Pits Leopard Against Crocodile (PHOTOS)

It was an epic battle that pitted the power house of an ancient dynasty against a smaller, more agile opponent. Neither the Leopard or the Crocodile could pull the corpse of the Impala over to their side. The croc kept his feet well planted while the leopard struggled valiantly to make any sort of progress.

The fight at Kiba Point raged on with the Crocodile belligerently pulling and the Leopard trying to engage in a sort of gamesmanship. These are the sort of moments that only great safaris can offer. This was the rumble just outside the jungle.

Eliza Deacon works for Nomad Tanzania, a safari company.