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Elizabeth Benedict
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Elizabeth Benedict is a novelist, journalist, editor and writing coach. She runs Don't Sweat the Essay and is editor of three anthologies, including Me, My Hair and I and Mentors, Muses & Monsters: 30 Writers on the People Who Changed Their Lives, as well as author of five critically acclaimed novels. Hallie Ephron in the Boston Globe called her most recent novel, The Practice of Deceit "a wickedly funny literary suspense novel" that is "wry, at times heartbreaking, always smart and entertaining." "Newsweek and Fresh Air's" Maureen Corrigan chose her previous novel, the bestseller Almost, one of the top five novels of 2001.

Her first novel, Slow Dancing>, published in 1985, was shortlisted for the National Book Award. She is also the author of several other novels and of a classic book, The Joy of Writing Sex , which is used widely in writing programs. She has taught fiction and non-fiction writing at Princeton, the Iowa Writers' Workshop, Swarthmore College, and Columbia, and has written for The New York Times, Daedalus, Salmagundi, Esquire, Tin House, Harper's Bazaar, and The American Prospect.

Entries by Elizabeth Benedict

Best and Worst College Application Essay Prompts, Supplements and Common App Questions

(2) Comments | Posted December 18, 2015 | 9:48 PM

As the college application essay writing season draws to a close, with only a short time left before most regular applications are due, I'm looking back on some of the most interesting -- and most annoying -- essays prompts I've seen this year.

I'm also taking a moment to...

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No, I Won't Go Gray

(15) Comments | Posted October 13, 2015 | 2:17 PM

I have never gotten high marks in fashion and beauty. If I had to grade myself, I'd say I usually hover around a B-. On special occasions, I can sometimes work my way up to an A-. It's what comes of working at home in my pajamas for so many...

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10 Simple Tips for Staying Sane While Writing College Application Essays

(2) Comments | Posted July 7, 2015 | 8:23 PM

David Letterman's top ten lists will never lose their appeal. It's as though all the wisdom on any subject can be contained in these simple, breezy lines -- and who knows, maybe they can be. These are general guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Not every applicant will be able...

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Not Just the College App Essay: 'Where Else Are You Applying?'

(0) Comments | Posted April 30, 2015 | 2:47 PM

Many of us feel the college app process isn't complicated or stressful enough (NOT!), so the good people at the Common Application, which creates and oversees the application you love so much (NOT!), recently announced a new question for the upcoming season that has sparked a lot of debate.

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Common App College Essay Prompts 2.0 - They're Here!

(0) Comments | Posted April 1, 2015 | 5:21 PM

This is big news in the college application world. It's not quite landing on the moon or Beyoncé having a baby, but the twittosphere is aflame this morning. The Common Application organization has just released the essay prompts for the upcoming year. Though applications aren't due until late in the...

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Grieve, Grumble and Get Up: Time for More College App Essays

(0) Comments | Posted December 11, 2014 | 9:54 PM

Those clever folks at MIT have made something of a numbers joke about when early action admissions decisions will be announced: this coming Saturday, at 3:16 P.M. What? When you write it in numerals, it looks like this: 12/13/14 15:16. But the news will not be fun or funny for...

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How Many College Apps (and College App Essays) Are Too Many?

(0) Comments | Posted November 18, 2014 | 5:05 PM

A recent piece in The New York Times, "What is the Perfect Number of College Applications to Send?" has tapped into a disturbing trend in college applications that I've seen in my business: students applying to dozens - and dozens - of colleges. Last year, I worked with...

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College App Essays Run Amok: A Coach's Advice, Sympathy and a Word About Spiders

(1) Comments | Posted September 22, 2014 | 3:50 PM

I know, I'm a coach. I'm supposed to do the coach thing: cheerlead, encourage, help high school students brainstorm, find great essay topics and figure out what about their interests, experiences and passions would work best on the page. In other words, help them stand out in the piles of...

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Bracing for the Common Application: 10 Tips for Staying Sane While Applying to College and Writing App Essays

(2) Comments | Posted August 4, 2014 | 4:34 PM

1. Even in the Era of Oversharing, It's Not Necessary to Share Your Plans, Hopes and Dreams.
For students and parents, applying to college is a touchy subject. Who's applying where, who gets in where and who is upset about not getting in all add to the ordinary stresses....

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5 Pieces of Good News From a College Admissions Application Essay Counselor

(1) Comments | Posted June 30, 2014 | 5:04 PM

I'm taking a guess that all rising high school seniors not glued to the World Cup are either fretting about their college app essays, casting glances at the essay prompts, or trying to put the darn essays as far out of their summer vacationing minds as possible.

The bad...

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From JFK to Kwasi Enin: The College Admissions Application Essay Grows Up

(0) Comments | Posted June 19, 2014 | 6:25 PM

In a recent conversation with a parent who was thinking ahead to when her eighth grader applies to college, she said that she had read the application essay by the Long Island boy who got into eight Ivy League schools, and she thought "the essay was terribly written." She wanted...

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International Students: Top 10 Tips for U.S. College Applications

(0) Comments | Posted April 18, 2014 | 7:16 PM

International applicants to U.S. colleges and universities face unique challenges. Standardized tests are not offered as frequently, test prep is not widely available outside the U.S., and the entire process is more complex than it is in most other countries. Elizabeth and Josh have...

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Teachable Moments: Kwasi Enin's College Application Essay

(0) Comments | Posted April 4, 2014 | 4:02 PM

It's wonderful -- and rare -- that the airwaves, Internet and twitter-sphere are abuzz with the story of a young person's academic success instead of, say, a celebrity's wardrobe malfunction: Kwasi Enin's Ivy League grand slam. How many kids get into all eight Ivies? It's a small sample pool, because...

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The Morning After: Ivy League Hangovers, College App Essays and SATs

(1) Comments | Posted March 28, 2014 | 2:48 PM

As someone who works with many dozens of hopeful high school seniors every year, which often means talking to parents when they are concerned about how their sons and daughters are doing on their essays and applications, yesterday, waiting for the Ivies to make their announcements, was a stressful day....

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Justin Bieber's Out of Jail - But We're Not

(0) Comments | Posted January 25, 2014 | 10:16 AM

The whirring of helicopters woke me before the alarm at 7:45 Thursday morning -- my last hours in South Beach, Miami, the end of a two-week time out from real life. I'd built in enough time to take a long walk and soak up as much sun as I could...

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Confessions of a College Application Essay Coach

(2) Comments | Posted September 18, 2013 | 10:57 AM

'Tis the season for applying to college, and everyone and his mother have got the "How Do I Write My Application Essay Blues."

The killer personal statement, now a hot commodity, may be the most popular literary genre on our virtual shelves, at least between July and November of...

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New Common Application 'a Monstrosity'? I Don't Think So

(5) Comments | Posted September 2, 2013 | 6:22 PM

I was taken aback to see this global take-down of the new Common Application on Twitter this morning, by a college counselor. A quote from his article: "The new Common App is a monstrosity."

I don't agree with some of his complaints, and I question the wisdom...

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I Heart the College Admissions Essay Prompts on the New Common Application

(7) Comments | Posted August 9, 2013 | 6:19 PM

I know that the new Common Application website has had its share of troubles since launching on August 1, and I'm not sure they are all fixed by now. From all I've seen, one part of the new application that is a big success is the list of new essay...

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Countdown to August 1 for College Admissions Applicants: Common App Essays and Supplements Go Live

(0) Comments | Posted July 19, 2013 | 5:55 PM

The Fourth of July and Labor Day used to be the only two dates in summer that most of us paid attention to, but August 1 is fast becoming a summer landmark for rising high school seniors and their often frantic families. As all of them know, it's the day...

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Writing College Application Essays on Summer Vacay? Yes.

(15) Comments | Posted June 11, 2013 | 5:25 PM

Summer vacation isn't what it used to be, or what it should be: A time to kick back, recharge the internal batteries that keep us going for the rest of the year, daydream while canoeing across a pristine lake, and imagine the edges of the universe while staring up at...

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