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If Only...

(6) Comments | Posted January 3, 2012 | 12:56 PM

Eagles v. Redskins, Sunday, January 1, 2012

The game may have been "meaningless," but it sure was nice to end the season with a win. Actually, 4 wins.

Stud of the week: other guys posted bigger numbers, but I have to give it to pint-sized Chad Hall,...

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I Didn't Get Everything I Wanted...

(0) Comments | Posted December 27, 2011 | 10:47 AM

But it was still a pretty nice Christmas gift.

Eagles at Cowboys, Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy holidays, y'all! Whatever you celebrate, and whoever you celebrate with, I hope you had a good time. I certainly did, watching the Eagles stomp the Cowboys for the second time this season.


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2011 NFL Season: Week 16 Picks

(2) Comments | Posted December 23, 2011 | 9:24 AM

This week, the Eagles travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys at home on Christmas Eve. In their last meeting this season, you may recall that the Eagles whupped up on the Cowboys to the tune of 34-7 at the Linc (one of the few home games the Eagles...

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I'm Afraid to Hope

(0) Comments | Posted December 19, 2011 | 7:53 PM

Eagles v. Jets, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011

This weekend, Chef Spouse and I celebrated our 19th anniversary. I think, on some level, the Eagles knew and engineered a win as a gift for us. And they even managed to win at home! Thanks, guys! We really appreciate it! Although a...

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2011 NFL Season Week 15 Picks

(0) Comments | Posted December 14, 2011 | 7:57 PM

Remember the last time the Eagles put together what amounted to their longest winning streak (2 games) this season? For three weeks -- week 6, the bye and week 8 -- it felt like maybe the Eagles were finding their way, putting their season together, pulling out the tailspin. It...

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Apparently, Even When They Win...

(0) Comments | Posted December 13, 2011 | 4:25 PM

I'm not happy.

Eagles at Dolphins, Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stud of the week: the ENTIRE defense. Three forced fumbles, about a zillion sacks, three third-and-short stops, two fourth-and-short stops, a goal-line stand, another Kurt Coleman pick, and a partridge in a pear tree. Casey Matthews even managed three...

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2011 NFL Season Week 14 Picks

(0) Comments | Posted December 7, 2011 | 1:57 PM

And the 2011 season trudges on. The rumor is that Vick will be back this week, and I have to ask: why? Season's over, man. The Eagles just gave him a fairly sizable contract. Why are they risking a guy who's already banged up on meaningless games? Same thing goes...

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I Hate Being Right About This

(6) Comments | Posted December 3, 2011 | 3:25 PM

Eagles at Seahawks, Thursday, December 1, 2011

I hate to say "I told you so," particularly on this one, but I told you so.

Prediction: debacle

Reality: debacle

Stud of the Week: Continuing as the only bright spot in the whole damn season, LeSean McCoy. Dear Santa: could I please...

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2011 NFL Season Week 13 Picks

(1) Comments | Posted December 1, 2011 | 11:19 AM

Anyone other than me remember the last time the Eagles faced the Seahawks in prime time? Does 42-0 on Monday night football in week 13 of 2005 ring any bells?

I was on a business trip in Florida at the time, so I was watching while texting Chef Spouse and...

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Give Thanks

(1) Comments | Posted November 30, 2011 | 4:30 PM

This season is almost over. Five more games until we can all pack it in and just relax and enjoy the playoffs, with nothing at stake. Well, nothing except rooting against the Cowboys, who will probably win the NFC East this year.

Eagles v. Patriots, Sunday, November...

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2011 NFL Season Week 12 Picks

(2) Comments | Posted November 25, 2011 | 2:10 PM

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Although I'm sure we'll all be watching lots of gridiron action tomorrow, I do hope you take time to count your blessings and hug your loved ones.

On to the picks.

The Patriots come to the Linc to take on the Eagles this week. Even when we...

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They're Up, They're Down, They're All Over the Damn Place

(0) Comments | Posted November 23, 2011 | 10:29 AM

Eagles at Giants, Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stud of the week: As hard as it is to go with the guy who threw THREE picks (thank God the Giants couldn't seem to capitalize), I have to give it to Vince Young, since he also engineered a nearly 9 minute drive...

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2011 NFL Season Week 11 Picks

(4) Comments | Posted November 16, 2011 | 7:41 PM

I'm writing this while watching "The Top 10 Things We Love About the Giants-Eagles Rivalry."

Some great memories -- Randall Cunningham's acrobatics, Chuck Bednarik's famous hit on Frank Gifford, Runyan versus Strahan, Brian Westbrook burning the Giants A LOT, Osi Umenyiora pretty much decimating DMac - good times. Even the...

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2011 NFL Season Week 10 Picks

(1) Comments | Posted November 10, 2011 | 7:35 PM

I did such a bad job with my picks last week, that this week I've turned making the picks over to Chef Spouse. If he blows it, too, next week, I'm letting the cat make the picks.

Cardinals at Eagles: Eagles (homer!) but he did pick the Eagles to beat...

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"They Are Who We Thought They Were."

(0) Comments | Posted November 9, 2011 | 3:57 PM

Eagles v. Bears, Monday, November 7, 2011

"They are who we thought they were." Not the Bears, of course. I didn't have a strong opinion of the Bears prior to last night, other than:

"Matt Forte or LeSean McCoy - who's harder to stop?"


"Brian Urlacher is a really...

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2011 NFL Season Week 9 Picks

(5) Comments | Posted November 4, 2011 | 5:10 PM

This week, the Eagles will face the Bears on Monday Night Football. Two primetime games in a row! YAY, but also some of us have DAY JOBS, y'all!

I have to admit, in the McNabb era, I tended to worry about night games. If you've been reading this blog for...

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Now That's What I Call a TREAT!

(0) Comments | Posted November 1, 2011 | 11:36 AM

Eagles v. Cowboys, Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stud of the week: Shady McCoy, of course, who pretty much OWNS this category this year. I've already asked Santa to bring me his jersey for Christmas. Could he be any more awesome? I don't think so. To recap: 185 yards on the...

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2011 NFL Season Week 8 Picks

(5) Comments | Posted October 27, 2011 | 9:55 AM

The Cowboys are coming to town!

OK, I know -- the rivalry is not what it once was. The Eagles have mostly owned the NFC East for the past 10+ years, and the Cowboys have won precisely one playoff game since 1996. Yes, that win knocked the Eagles out of...

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LOLskins, Indeed

(0) Comments | Posted October 19, 2011 | 1:52 PM

Eagles at Redskins, Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stud of the week: Kurt Coleman, I'm looking at you! Kurt had a huge day, particularly given the fact that he wasn't even a starter until, I think, this week, replacing the truly awful Jarrad Page. Kurt hauled in three of Sexy Rexy's...

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2011 NFL Season Week 6 Picks

(7) Comments | Posted October 14, 2011 | 11:45 AM

This week, our beleaguered Eagles travel to D.C. to take on the NFC East leading Redskins. Back in August, who would've thought I'd be writing that sentence in mid-October? So far this season, it's been like Bizarro NFC East, with the Eagles front office behaving like Dan Snyder and Vinny...

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