10/21/2010 08:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

2010 NFL Week 7 Picks

Eagles at Titans: I'm torn this week. On the one hand, you can't stop Chris Johnson - you can only hope to contain him. And the Eagles are not brilliant against the run. Also Mike Vick is likely still out, even though he returned to practice today. On the other hand (is that too many hands?), K2 did great last week against a Falcons team that EVERYONE expected to win. On the other hand, DeSean Jackson's likely out for awhile, too. Of course, so is Vince Young. And while he's not an amazing quarterback, he's better than Kerry Collins by a long shot.

Of course, I keep picking against the Eagles - and they keep winning. Chef Spouse says I'm overly superstitious, but...

And 4-2 in AFC South is different than 4-2 in NFC East, at least this year.

Everybody's picking the Titans. Then again, everybody picked the Falcons last week.

But I think they're right this week - Titans. Or maybe I'm just superstitious.

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