NFL 2009 Week 10 Recap

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

OK, I did call us to lose to the Chargers. But why do the Eagles have to
torture me with almost comebacks? Do or do not -- there is no try.

We did see more of why DMac has the best TD/INT ratio in NFL history. He had several almost picks various Chargers couldn't hang on to. Speaking of Chargers receptions, their receivers made plays. Ours, with the exception of Avant, didn't. In his 11th season, it probably ain't gonna happen, but maybe McNabb could take a little of the heat off? Just a thought.
Speaking of long careers, the smart money says that, after two concussions in 4 weeks and continuing problems with his ankle, Westy is done -- not just this season, and not just as an Eagle. He's in his eighth season, he's a running back, he's been one of the keys to our offense since 2003, and he's just not that big. It's been a great ride, man, and Philly will always be grateful.

At one point during the game, I was like, "Why is Macho Harris returning
kicks?" Oh, that's right -- season-ending neck injury for Ellis Hobbs.
"Where is Joselio Hanson?" BS 4 game suspension. "Where's Jason Peters?" Oh -- that ankle injury he sustained against the Cowboys was more serious than Big Red let on.

Speaking of Jason Peters, did you notice that we couldn't punch it in from the 1? That's on the O-line.

Also, why can't Asante Samuel tackle? Shouldn't they be able to hire a guy to show him how? Like maybe Curtis Lofton? And did you notice that he seems afraid of contact? Shades of Todd Pinkston?

Actually, there were few big plays from D all day, especially in the last 5 minutes. It was critical to stop the Chargers in a place where we'd get good offensive field position. Instead, the Chargers waltzed on down the field, scored another 3 (just to be on the safe side) and left our offense with about 30 seconds. You know when we win games? When the D comes up big with picks, fumbles, some points. You know when we lose games? When the D is quiet. Like the last two weeks. 31 points? Really?

And why didn't we run the ball at all? Oh right -- those O-line problems. So
of course Big 5 had a huge day -- we had no other options than
throw-throw-throw. 55 attempts and 450 yards? That is not good.

the freakin' penalties! Apparently we're the 5th most penalized team in
football. Now, we do have a lot of young guys, so some penalties are to
be expected, but 5th most? That's just a lack of discipline. Not Raiders level lack of discipline. Not Rams level lack of discipline. No
Chiefs level lack of discipline. But not good.

And what's Vick doing, other than standing around holding a clip board? I have a new theory - we plan to trade him for draft picks to some crap team that desperately needs a QB (see above RE: Raiders, Rams, Chiefs). Which is actually a really smart strategy, come to think of it.

But did we stick close to a 50/50 run/pass game? No. Did our D force turnovers? No. And we lost the game. Told you so.

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