10/14/2011 11:47 am ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

2011 NFL Season Week 6 Picks

This week, our beleaguered Eagles travel to D.C. to take on the NFC East leading Redskins. Back in August, who would've thought I'd be writing that sentence in mid-October? So far this season, it's been like Bizarro NFC East, with the Eagles front office behaving like Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato in days of yore, and the Redskins plugging away and winning games. LOLskins, indeed.

You know what the Skins are really good at this year? Running the ball. You know what the Eagles couldn't do if you paid them? Stop the run. No really -- these guys are well-paid, and look what's happened in the first five games. You know what it takes to stop the run? Solid linebackers and defensive players who can tackle. So our boys in green are 0 for 2 there.

The Philly news media and my fellow bloggers have been all about "this is a MUST-WIN game!" this week.

Yeah, so was last week's game against the Bills. And so was the Eagles week three home opener against the 49ers. And the week two matchup against the Giants.

The team needs to make MAJOR adjustments. Maybe to coaching, maybe to personnel, either who they have or where they're playing them (or both), and certainly to their approach to practicing and preparing for games and to play-calling. So, you know, everything. I don't see that happening until the bye week which, mercifully, is next week. Hopefully the team won't have given up by then, because they're going to go into it 1-5.

Redskins (God help me).

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