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Elizabeth Kuster

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Brooklyn Bridge Graffiti: Soul Wisdom From Around The World

Posted: 09/05/2012 8:06 am

The Brooklyn Bridge is in the midst of getting a facelift, so some rather unsightly scaffolding currently obstructs the usually magnificent, soaring cityscape. As I walked across the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan over Labor Day weekend, I was struck by the positive nature of the graffiti scrawled all over the wooden planks -- uplifting "big picture" messages written by random people from around the world, for random people from around the world.

Were these graffiti poets inspired by the location? Excited to be on vacation? Just in the mood to make lemons into lemonade? I'm not sure, but my spirit got a big lift nonetheless.

I hope the following slideshow does the same for you!

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  • <strong>The reason people are unhappy is because they see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.</strong>

  • <strong>Be Happy.</strong>

  • <strong>You only live once! Enjoy love! Live life!</strong>

  • <strong>World, open your eyes & revive yourself!!!!</strong>

  • <strong>You have beautiful dreams!</strong>

  • <strong>Oh, the places you'll GO.</strong>

  • <strong>Love you.</strong>

  • <strong>Love. Peace. Chicken grease!</strong>

  • <strong>Happiness is a choice. Choose happy.</strong>

  • <strong>Never miss an opportunity to do something nice.</strong>

  • <strong>Love is a special treasure. Find your GOLD.</strong>

  • <strong>Love yourself.</strong>

  • <strong>God loves you! Who? YOU!</strong>

  • <strong>And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.</strong>

  • <strong>Follow your heart not your mind. Chase your dreams not expectations. Love the ones who deserve you, and ignore the ones who wish you were killed. Never give up always keep your head up and don't forget to do your best to please yourself not the rest. Because you were born alone and will die alone.</strong>

  • <strong>With every mistake we must surely be learning.</strong>

  • <strong>Happiness tears.</strong>

  • <strong>"Be the change you want to see in the world." -- M. Gandhi.</strong>

  • <strong>Spread peace.</strong>

  • <strong>Love. Song. Glory.</strong>

  • <strong>Vision without action = daydream. Action without vision = nightmare.</strong>

  • <u><strong>SMILE.</strong></u>

  • <strong>Live your life.</strong>

  • <strong>LOVE + PEACE.</strong>

  • <strong>Whoa!! Woo hoo!! La la la!! Ha!! Wee!!</strong>