07/24/2012 09:16 am ET | Updated Sep 23, 2012

LISTEN: Have An Attitude Of Gratitude! (SONGS)

Want to feel all warm and sunny inside, like you can do anything and already have it all? This playlist is sort of an aural shot of caffeine, with a bunch of virtual high-fives thrown in. Beware: You may start skipping down the street.

What magical collection of musical notes could achieve such a miracle, you ask? One that contains tunes from high-energy artists such as The Black-Eyed Peas, Hoku, and Katrina and the Waves, of course. (Regarding the latter: Yes, this playlist contains that ubiquitous cheerer-upper of an anthem, "Walking on Sunshine.") There's even a little bit of Bobby McFerrin in the mix, just to slow your heart rate down a tad. So have at it! Your serotonin levels will thank you.