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LISTEN: Have An Attitude Of Gratitude! (SONGS)

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Want to feel all warm and sunny inside, like you can do anything and already have it all? This playlist is sort of an aural shot of caffeine, with a bunch of virtual high-fives thrown in. Beware: You may start skipping down the street.

What magical collection of musical notes could achieve such a miracle, you ask? One that contains tunes from high-energy artists such as The Black-Eyed Peas, Hoku, and Katrina and the Waves, of course. (Regarding the latter: Yes, this playlist contains that ubiquitous cheerer-upper of an anthem, "Walking on Sunshine.") There's even a little bit of Bobby McFerrin in the mix, just to slow your heart rate down a tad. So have at it! Your serotonin levels will thank you.

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