The Best Cancer-Fighting Salad Ever! (VIDEO)

06/12/2012 08:05 am ET | Updated Aug 12, 2012

2012-06-07-pacehuffpo2.jpgAfter a recent health scare, I'm taking better care of myself. And since 80 percent of the immune system is in our gut, I'm adopting a clean diet. Goodbye preservatives. Sayonara artificial flavoring. Hasta la vista fluorescent margarita mix. But there's one little problem. I don't know how to cook. At all. And there's only so many pounds of raw almonds a girl can eat.

Luckily, I have a new wellness mentor in my girlfriend: chef Pace Webb. She overcame colon cancer in high school, and she's been living healthy ever since. In this video, Pace welcomes me into her Taste of Pace kitchen and shares her delicious recipe for an antioxidant super-charged, cancer-fighting Artichoke Red Onion Date Spinach Salad with Lemon Citronette. I'm grateful for our delightful afternoon together and Pace's secrets to living a balanced life. Watch!

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