Reem Acra Inspired By Her Own Luxurious Life

06/15/2011 06:38 pm ET | Updated Aug 15, 2011

From Taylor Swift's glitter confection to Jill Biden's red Inauguration stunner, the breathtaking dresses of Reem Acra have gotten some high-profile wear.

We caught up with the Lebanese designer in her luxe Middle Eastern-inspired Manhattan home to chat about her upcoming collections, her penchant for vintage dresses and her famous clientele.

Ellie Krupnick: Your home is amazing. What went into making your house?

Reem Acra: I love to live in a magical place. [...] The house is all about me and my personality-- I entertain myself every single day, I eat on the best dishes I have, I have breakfast in a very luxurious way, I sit in my living room and have breakfast with my dog everyday. So it's just my lifestyle and the way I want to live in the house, surrounded with everything I've collected over the years from every country I've been to.

EK: We're about to preview Resort for this week. What can you tell me about the Resort collection?

RA: Resort, I adore! I used to not be a fan of Resort collections, but I now got to embrace it and I made the best collection I've done ever. I am happy to say now I just love Resort. So it's all about flowers and gardening -- I have a house in Nashville, brand new. One of the reasons I have the house is that my brother lives there and my mother, but it's also because I wanted to decorate another house. And just a few weeks before the market week, before Resort, I wanted to decide on the garden. I never had a garden. So they were asking, "What sort of flowers do you want? Where do you want it" That inspired the collection that you will see.

EK: I know your creations are often worn on the red carpet by the same group of women. Do you design with someone in mind?

RA: Yes, I design for a certain clientele. I also have what the stores want from me and what the clients really want from me. It's about being happy, fun, and kind of luxurious. At the same time I listen to what Hollywood wants from me. So it's a combination of so many things.

EK: And what D.C. wants from you, maybe! How has it been to dress Jill Biden and other high-profile people?

RA: I love the classical looks, I love D.C. and I think that that classical look is part of my aesthetic so it will always be there.

EK: Now that you're done with Resort, what's next? Are you taking a summer vacation?

RA: I will be traveling a lot but there will be now Bridal, there will be Spring... there's always something and many private clients I have to take care of.

EK: Considering you do bridal, what did you think of Kate Middleton's dress?

RA: Good question. I think she was so classical, so perfect, so understated. It was just a message to the world... I think it was just so beautiful.

EK: Do you have a dream client, someone you would love to wear something you've designed?

RA: Well, I kind of feel that whoever we dream of, whoever we want, we have. I feel we are very picky of who we dress in Hollywood. But I think we've tackled everybody we want.

EK: So now you can sit back.

RA: I cannot -- I want to make sure I always have something for them!

Check out the pictures below to see the gorgeous ladies who've donned Reem Acra on the red carpet!

Reem Acra