12/19/2012 07:00 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

Last-Minute Gifts for Ladies Shopping for Their Dudes

When you are shopping for quick, easy and thoughtful holiday gifts for your mans, it's all about furnishings, furnishings, furnishings. Some people call these items --hats, wallets, scarves --"accessories," but frankly I think the term evokes Claire's Boutique more than Steve McQueen. So metrosexual! And your dude doesn't want to dress like a metrosexual. For the sake of our conversation, these items, these accent pieces, will be referred to as furnishings.

Why furnish your dude this holiday season? For one, you don't have to go through the mishegas (drama) of finding him items that he actually needs to try on like jackets, blazers, shirts and pants. The margin of error for that stuff is large, and you may wind up making him feel fat. Instead, look for furnishings that are fit-agnostic and not something he would think to buy on his own for fear of being Danny Dandy. Here's your chance to spice him up -- just a lil bit.

Need some examples? Read on.

If you really want to treat your better half right, get him a cashmere scarf. That's one of those items that say "you are the Cadillac of dudes." Its also one of the few super luxury items that still feel like a man's man present, unlike, say, a crocodile-skin iPad case. As always, uncle Ralph has got you covered. This cable-knit number really pops without being super obnoxious, and adds some respectable splash to a grey or navy blue winter-time work outfit.

Another great option at a lower price point is a clean, modern wallet. If your dude has dumpy pants from wearing a Costanza wallet, maybe you can subtlely get him to change his ways and just bring cash and a few cards by gifting him with this slim model from Italian tannery Il Bussetto. I think it's incredibly handsome for the price. I personally like very loud wallets because it prevents me from misplacing them after a night of hard boozing, so my choice is the "Cuoio" or blood-red model. But you can get him the brown one or the black one and let dudes like me floss hard with the freaker colors.

Last up, a beanie. If your dude is younger than 28 or the type of man who looks incredibly handsome pushing a stroller down the street (perhaps 28-year-old dads are the rightful owners of the look circa 2013, but maybe not) a pom-pom hat is really cool this season. So, as long as you think he looks super cute in it, I say encourage a little irreverence in his weekend look. This two-tone model, which is just 15 bucks, can be his "snow day" hat. The muted, outdoorsy colors let you know it's a modern day pom-pom hat and not a sample from the Romper Room wardrobe circa 1983.

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