10/05/2011 02:54 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Video)

October is Chicago Artist Month and this year's theme is "artful networks"; organizations that support artists and create a community for them to thrive. In honor of this for Fear No ART, rather than visit an artist's studio, I took a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art for an in-depth tour with Chief Curator, Michael Darling.

In the interview below, Michael speaks candidly and refreshingly personably about how important art is in contemporary society. While we walk the corridors of the museum and throughout the superb exhibit Pandora's Box: Joseph Cornell Unlocks the MCA Collection, up through October 16, Mr. Darling talks about the artist struggle, the importance of the museum creating a safe space to ask questions, and about the clear, concise and non-convoluted ways we can all relate to art. We also get a one-on-one discussion/explanation of some of the museums most famous pieces by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, plus a few art collecting tips for the novice and the connoisseur alike.

With a click below, treat yourself to this warm and accessible art lesson and your own private tour from one of the most knowledgeable art minds in our city. Thank you, Mr. Darling!