Behind the Scenes With Blues Musician, Nicholas Barron

04/05/2011 12:11 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2011

In Episode 1 of Fear No ART Chicago on WTTW, Nicholas Barron belts out the blues in his guitar-filled studio. In addition to performing, he talks about how he makes a living with music and continually reinvents himself, and the power and responsibility of musicians. He also talks about when a song is good... and, well, not so good.

Episode 3 of Fear No ART Chicago airs on WTTW11 on Wednesday, April 6 at 10:30 PM and on WTTW PRIME on April 7 at 4:30 PM and April 9 at 5 PM. It is sponsored by L.H Selman Gallery of Fine Glass Paperweights, Chicago Art Leasing, Columbia College Chicago and Disaster Planning and Response Art Rescue.