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Denver's Essential Concert Calendar

The Problem of Leisure: Denver's Essential Concert Calendar Nov 20 - 26

The Problem of Leisure gets you in on the ground floor this week as we feature concerts that offer fans a chance to hear some local music from the newly minted foursome Le Divorce (featuring ex-members of Everything Absent or Distorted) or catch Brits the Big Pink before one of their songs gets snapped up for an iPod commercial.

Nov 20: Le Divorce

The mourning period for Everything Absent and Distorted is officially over. Step one: dispense with the sack cloth and ashes. Step two: head out to see Joe Grobelny and Ryan Stubbs's new band, Le Divorce, featuring vocalist Kitty Vincent and drummer Chris Durant. Le Divorce hasn't even released any music yet, so the only way to hear them is to go to Friday's gig at the Starz Denver Film Fest. It's only the band's second show ever, so don't miss it!

- Forest Room 5 2532 15th St., Denver, CO 80211-3902

Nov 21: Pink Mountaintops


Stephen McBean is a tireless rocker who oversees the Vancouver-based band Black Mountain as well as Pink Mountaintops. As a result McBean is often on the road promoting his bands' music, the latest of which is the Pink Mountaintops' Outside Love. Despite his high level of productivity McBean proves he's not in danger of over-extending himself when he harmonizes with band mate Sophie Trudeau on gorgeous tracks like "And I Thank You" and "Execution." But don't think for a moment it's gonna be all sweetness and light because fans can expect nearly every track in the setlist to be drenched in a wash of craggy reverb and noisy feedback. Plaid flannel shirts and earplugs are de rigueur.

- Hi-Dive 7 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80223

Nov 23: The Big Pink


The indie rock community doesn't usually thrive on agreement, but once in awhile a song comes along that earns praise throughout (and even beyond) the blogosphere. "Dominos" by British duo the Big Pink is just such a song. Donnybrook's own Rev. Renwick-Renwick praised the Big Pink's novel approach of burying shoegaze noise under Britpop melodies. The Big Pink seems poised for stardom, but Robbe Furze and Milo Cordell will have their work cut out for them as they try to recreate the larger-than-life sounds of their debut, A Brief History of Love, live on stage. It should be a great show. Count on openers Crystal Antlers to bring the energy of a thousand suns to power their blend of noisy, prog-infested blues.

- Larimer Lounge 2721 Larimer Street, Denver CO 80205

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