02/03/2009 09:09 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Haven't Recovered from the Bush Years? W-Anon Might Be for You

Living day in and day out with George W. Bush the past eight years has been an emotional roller coaster. Millions have been affected by his presidency and if you're seeking help, the following questions are designed to help you decide whether or not you need W-Anon:

-Did you ever worry about how the president was governing?
-Did you make threats, like, "If you win in 2004, I'll leave the country?"
-Have you experienced money problems because of the president's lack of financial oversight?
-Have you ever voted for the president and lied to cover up the truth?
-Do you feel that if the president really cared about America, he would never have gone into Iraq?
-Have you ever blamed the president's behavior on his advisors?
-Were relief efforts frequently canceled or delayed because of the president?
-Were you afraid to Google "Al Qaeda" for fear of being arrested?
-Did the president ever lie to you, damaging trust?
-Did you notice the president started to withdraw from the public?
-Was there frequent in-fighting, about policy and other matters?
-Have you or anyone you know been embarrassed by the president's behavior?
-Did you ever wonder about a president with such an overt Oedipal complex?
-Were conversations at holidays and gatherings ruined because of the president?
-Did you consider calling your congressman for help fearing the president's abuse of the constitution?
-Do you feel the media didn't do enough to question the president?
-Did you secretly think we deserved the president we got?
-Did the president's staff make excuses for him, covering up problems?
-Did you feel like the Democrats were a failure because they couldn't control the president?
-Did you ever think that if the president was removed from office, your problems would be solved?
-Did you feel angry, confused or depressed most of the time?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, W-Anon may be the help you need to get over the Bush years. Next week we'll be sending out complimentary literature for W-Anon newcomers that outlines our Workingsteps to Personal Recovery based on the foundations of Nixon Anonymous.

Until then, we encourage you to repeat W-Anon's Mantra--for healing can only truly begin when we acknowledge that we all got fucked together.

We are not alone. And those of us who have lived through the Bush years and continue to live with his calamitous legacies understand as perhaps few others can. We, too, were lonely and frustrated, but through W-Anon we discover that no situation is hopeless and that it's possible to find contentment and future happiness now that the worst president in American history has finally left office.