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Four Ways You Should Not Celebrate the Return of "Glee" Tonight

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The web is buzzing with excitement for the return of the Fox hit show Glee tonight. (For good reason. Remember that incredible Diva-Off?)

Here are some celebratory food-related ideas that you should ignore, and why:

- Follow the rule to drink every time Kurt talks about fashion or Lady Gaga from Flavorpill's Official Glee Drinking Game.
Why Not?: That game will have you passed out before the first commercial break.

- Honor Glee's cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, with any number of recipes that General Mills says you can create with the breakfast cereal.
Why Not?: Select "What's for Dinner" from the drop down on that link and you'll understand.

- Buy a Slurpee from 7-Eleven and drink it, douse your face in it, or douse someone else's face in it.

Why Not?:
Two of those actions will make you seem like a jerk, and currently you might romanticize the flavor of Slurpees from your childhood. Don't ruin that.


- Bake a batch of Blondies and a batch of Brownies, then compare them so you can sympathize with Finn Hudson's complex love for both Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry.
Why not?: That would be insulting to the desserts.

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