05/20/2010 05:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bon Appétit's Top 10 Foods for the "Munchies"


Wednesday's New York Times featured a piece on "haute stoner cuisine" by one of our favorite food writers, Kim Severson. After reading it, we took a look at our recipes and realized that, although they weren't created for this reason, some of them might just satisfy the cravings of an altered state. So while we would never accuse you, dear readers, of having the munchies, here's what we think would work if you're entertaining someone who does. Below, find ten classic "stoner foods"--just ask anyone who's seen Dazed and Confused--made a little more delicious.

(A note of warning: Your stoned guests may want to order Chinese take-out and tackle a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Don't worry, they'll still be hungry for these snacks after they've finished that.)

Bon Appétit's Top 10 Munchies Foods