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Emily V. Gordon

Emily V. Gordon

Posted: January 14, 2011 03:56 AM

5 Things Every Newly Single Woman Must Do and 5 Things Every Newly Single Woman Must Not Do

The period that directly follows the dissolution of a long term relationship is extremely volatile, with emotions running the gamut from misery to elation to relief to terror. Part of the process is reconfiguring yourself as a newly single person after years of being half of a twosome. It's a difficult forest to navigate, so here is a brief guide to provide women with some musts and must nots that will probably never be in a self-help book (some of these may also apply to men, but this was written for women specifically.)

DO: Wallow in singlehood
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Remember when your husband would go out of town, and you'd secretly relish it, because you'd get to have the house to yourself for a bit? What would you do? Write down the things you enjoyed about flying solo while you were married, because--surprise!--those are the things you quashed to compromise with your husband. You don't have to compromise anymore, so don't. Eat foods you love that he never had a taste for, go places where and when you want, hang out with your friends that annoyed him, and watch whatever terrible television you would like.
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