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US: Religion & Politics (Pew 8/11-27)

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Pew Research Center / Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
8/11-27/09; 4,013 adults, 2% margin of error
Survey B: 8/20-27/09; 2,003 adults, 2.5% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
(Pew release)


As I name some groups, please tell me whether you feel each one is generally FRIENDLY toward religion, NEUTRAL toward religion, or UNFRIENDLY toward religion? (asked of Survey B only)

The Democratic Party:
29% Friendly, 39% Neutral, 22% Unfriendly

The Republican Party:
48% Friendly, 29% Neutral, 12% Unfriendly

Hollywood and the makers of movies:
11% Friendly, 34% Netural, 47% Unfriendly

News reporters and the news media:
14% Friendly, 42% Neutral, 35% Unfriendly

The Obama administration:
37% Friendly, 36% Neutral, 17% Unfriendly

12% Friendly, 42% Neutral, 35% Unfriendly