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The Odyssey: In My Own Words (Part 2)

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Circe: Sleep with me. I'm a witch-goddess.

Odysseus: Yeah. I like your singing voice. Listen--

Circe: I knew it.

Odysseus: I haven't said anything.

Circe: I knew you'd bring it up.

Odysseus: You turned my men into pigs!

Circe: Are you mad?

Odysseus: Yeah, I'm mad! And I have a hard time getting it up knowing that half my fleet has been turned into livestock.

Circe: Do you, though? Have a hard time--

Odysseus: No, I'm actually... pretty turned on right now.

Circe: Mmmkay, let's f*** in my goddess-witch bed and sort out the pig thing later.

Odysseus: OK, but, for the record, when you feed me afterward, I'm gonna be pretty stressed and unable to eat.

Circe: Will you, though?

Odysseus: No, I'll probably be pretty hungry.