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Bernard Hiller

Are You A Pink Elephant?

Bernard Hiller | June 30, 2016 | Entertainment
Once upon a time, a baby elephant was born, and their parents were so happy. But they noticed that their baby wasn't like all the other baby elephants. It wasn't black or gray. It was PINK. They didn't understand why this had happened, but they took it home and loved it. As the baby elephant was growing up,...


Spottoon | June 30, 2016 | Entertainment
A mysterious meteorite crashes into a school and many students are killed and even more are seriously injured. Five students inexplicably come out of the wreckage unscathed and gain supernatural powers while becoming outcasts at school. As they begin to search for answers, they become targets for a secret government program that tests the group's abilities for reasons unknown to them all.


Spottoon | June 30, 2016 | Entertainment
Jill is a house cat who has been with his owner for 10 years. They have a loving relationship and together they deal with the trials and tribulations of daily life.
Daryl Deino

Music Flashback: 'Take Me Home' By Phil Collins Is The Best 12-Inch Remix Ever Released

Daryl Deino | June 30, 2016 | Entertainment
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images If you are old enough to grow up in the 1980s, you probably remember having a song from an album you love released as a single. It's not so much that a song you loved was recognized by...
Brandon Judell

Spielberg's The BFG: Joys of Whizpoppers, Snozzcumbers, and Cannibalism

Brandon Judell | June 30, 2016 | Entertainment
Janusz Kamiski's cinematography has seldom been more breathtaking, while the cast headed by Mark Rylance as the BFG, Ruby Barnhill as Sophie, and Penelope Wilton as the Queen are all engaging.
Diriye Osman

A Kickass Crime Series Set In Nairobi

Diriye Osman | June 30, 2016 | Entertainment
(A still from Tuko Macho) The Nest Collective, a group of talented young artists and thinkers based in Nairobi, has been quietly but effectively restructuring the landscape of queer African narratives in film and literature for the last few years. They have...
Nancy Doyle Palmer

Bloodline's Norbert Leo Butz Is Full Of Surprises

Nancy Doyle Palmer | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
The best part of binge-watching television series like Netflix's Bloodline is speeding towards the surprises -- characters grow on us, evolve and then take a turn we never saw coming -- which of course brings us to Kevin "oh no you didn't" Rayburn.
Jamie Lee Curtis

Orlando, We Are With You

Jamie Lee Curtis | June 29, 2016 | Queer Voices
The way that Orlando has come together -- uniting as one, supporting each other and taking care of the fallen and their families -- confirms everything I have always hoped about humanity, strength and the tenacity of the human spirit.
Timothy N. Welbeck, Esq.

Brooklyn's Finest

Timothy N. Welbeck, Esq. | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
In the twelve years since 800 people piled into a cramped parking lot in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival has grown into one of the most respected festivals in the nation.
Jason Landry

Keb' Mo': From Behind The Six String

Jason Landry | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
"I had been playing since I was twelve years old, but I didn't have that ah-ha moment until I was thirty-nine. The good thing is, I still got a good amount of life left."
Zaki Hasan

The MovieFilm Podcast: Talking Independence Day: Resurgence!

Zaki Hasan | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
Welcome (back) to Earth! Brian and Zaki anticipate the fourth of July by discussing director Roland Emmerich's Independence Day: Resurgence, the Fox sequel that's either twenty years in the making or about seventeen years too...

11 Ways Screenwriters Can Avoid Annoying Their Hollywood Contacts

ScreenCraft | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
This Post originally appeared on the blog ScreenCraft. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational events, screenwriting competitions and the annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship program, connecting screenwriters with agents, managers and Hollywood producers....
Andrea Pflaumer

The Post That Nearly Broke Facebook

Andrea Pflaumer | June 29, 2016 | Fifty
About a month ago I posted on my Facebook business page what I thought was a fairly lovely -- and innocuous -- photo of two beautiful women, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. I captioned it: 'Two divine women. No wild outfits. No heavy make-up or plastic surgery.' The post got nearly 16 million views.
E. Nina Rothe

The Italians Are Coming! Eight Films I Hope Will Make it to the Venice Film Festival

E. Nina Rothe | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
Venice has just unveiled the official poster by artist Simone Massi for the 73rd edition of the first and oldest film festival in the world. Yes, even older than Cannes. There, I've said it. The Venice International Film...
David Hinckley

Elvis Looked Great Holding the Guitar. Scotty Moore Sounded Great Playing It

David Hinckley | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
To this day, no picture has ever captured the spirit of rock 'n' roll better than the young Elvis Presley wielding his guitar like a gunslinger's .45. Let's just not forget that the man who actually played the guitar on all those songs immortalized by the young Elvis was...
Yanna Darilis

Modern Day Greek Drama "Little England" Is A Big Success

Yanna Darilis | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
"Little England" has won six Greek Film Academy Awards and has achieved great acclaim abroad, winning three Golden Goblet Awards for Best Feature Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and taking away Best Director and Best Actress awards
Julee Morrison

7 Great Ways To Have A Family Movie Night

Julee Morrison | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
Pile the generations on the couch and settle in for a favorite film. Take turns letting each family choose a movie, plan a theme, make it big or keep it small. It's up to you. What's important is you're together and creating memories.
David Hinckley

Forget Leary and Corbett. Robert Kelly Says He's the Chick Magnet on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

David Hinckley | June 28, 2016 | Entertainment
It didn't take a lot of persuading to get Robert Kelly to sign on for FX's Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. "I'm the drummer in a rock band?," says Kelly. "Denis Leary is writing it? It's on FX? I am f--ing in." S&D&R&R returns for its...

TRIBE X - Ep.41

Spottoon | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
Woo Jin and Tae Min were both born with the supernatural ability to move the objects around them. After sharing a troubled childhood together, they went down opposite paths to become two very different men. Fate draws them together again and old wounds resurface that threatens the lives of everyone around them.

AMANZA - Ep.54

Spottoon | June 29, 2016 | Entertainment
A 26-year-old man's life is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. As he struggles with the pain of his treatment and the realization that he never truly lived, he retreats into his imagination, to a magical forest where answers and miracles can be found.
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