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Madeleine Crum

How to Write an Opinion Piece About Girls

Madeleine Crum | Posted April 21, 2012

In case you haven't been on the Internet in the past month, there's this series on HBO that began last week. It's called Girls, and it's about a 24-year-old who takes her super-smart, super-nice parents for granted because they're getting in the way of her dreams of becoming "a voice...

Dan Persons

Tribeca 2012 Diary: Headshot Director Pen-ek Ratanaruang

Dan Persons | Posted April 21, 2012

The hitman's in trouble. During a political assassination gone wrong, he gets shot in the head, and wakes from a coma seeing everything upside down. On top of that, seems that everyone wants to kill him, for various and sundry reasons. Days like this make an exciting career in HVAC...

Raymond De Felitta

'Booker's Place': Exploring the South's Troubled Legacy of Race

Raymond De Felitta | Posted April 21, 2012

Recently I was asked if I thought the tragedy of Trayvon Martin's killing would cause more people to take an interest in my new documentary, Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story. The film is about the deeply racist conditions that existed in the southern United States in the mid-1960s and the...

Erica Abeel

Yossi Looks at a Closeted Gay Man in Israeli Society

Erica Abeel | Posted April 21, 2012

Never mind if you can't get to Cannes. Right here in New York you can catch the surpassingly lovely Yossi by Eytan Fox, opener of the world narrative section at the Tribeca Film Festival. In a sequel of sorts to his 2003 Yossi and Jagger, Fox follows a dead man...

John Brown

Not Loving Like

John Brown | Posted April 21, 2012

"I do not like eggs in the file.
I do not like them in any style."

--Dr. Seuss

If there is one word in the English language I have come not to love, it is the word "like."

Indeed, even in my pre-adolescent youth, the "I like...