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Mark Joseph


Rape For Profit: A Disturbing Look at Human Trafficking in Seattle

Mark Joseph | Posted October 4, 2012

I recently screened a disturbing and provocative film that deserves a wide showing: Rape For Profit takes a gritty look at inner-city Seattle's growing problem with human trafficking. The film isn't for the faint of heart, but it's an important look at the issues and challenges our nation...


'Personalized TV': Why I Made a Gay Web Series (VIDEO)

Jon_Marcus | Posted October 3, 2012

I was working in TV myself when I got the bug to make an online series. There was something about the process of making network television that I was having an allergic reaction to. It's not just cars and electronics that the U.S. imports faster than we make them; it's TV ideas, too.
Kevin Sessums


The Body: Double Feature

Kevin Sessums | Posted October 2, 2012

I went to back-to-back screenings on Monday night in New York City that combined to make a very interesting double feature, each playing off the other in moving and intricate ways.
Erica Abeel


Tabu and the Arrival of a Master Filmmaker

Erica Abeel | Posted October 2, 2012

A universe apart, Tabu conveys romantic longing among the foothills of Mount Tabu, where lovers play out their affair under the eyes of a watchful, mystical crocodile. Unlike the treacly The Artist, Tabu places demands on the viewer. Can American filmgoers embrace this rapturous film?
Ullrich Ecker


So Madonna Called Obama a Muslim: How Misinformation Spreads

Ullrich Ecker | Posted October 3, 2012

It was obvious to most people that Madonna meant it as a joke, but chances are it will have reinforced belief in the Obama-Muslim myth in others, or even planted a seed of misinformation in the minds of people who have never even thought about Obama's faith.
Tom Murro


Obama Turns Park Ave Into Parked Ave During Buoniconti Dinner

Tom Murro | Posted October 2, 2012

The BIG DEAL in NYC this past Monday night Sept. 24, was the Buoniconti 27th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti and his son Marc.
Doug Schulkind


Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 184 -- Great Free Music Online

Doug Schulkind | Posted October 2, 2012

Reports of the demise of the music-sharing blogosphere have been greatly exaggerated. To be sure, the abrupt disappearance of beloved sites is upsetting, but the reality is that far more blogs that reach the end of the line, do so voluntarily.
Mallika Rao


Gallery Girls Season Finale: Now That It's Over, Let's Predict The Future

Mallika Rao | Posted October 4, 2012

It's a rare populace who can witness the end of an empire, and be in a position directly afterward to hash out what happened. And yet, "Gallery Girls" bid its adieu last night and here we all are, not raptured off the planet, probably in the same place we were yesterday at this time and will be again tomorrow, as if nothing has changed. Ready to talk about stuff. This is why "Gallery Girls" is miraculous.
Jon Chattman


A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Hedley 'Kissing', 'TAUK' Talking and Getting Tuff (Sunshine)

Jon Chattman | Posted October 2, 2012

The summer is officially in our rear view. While the weather begins to cool and leaves fall to the ground, I can take some solace in really good music that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Tomas Mournian


What Becomes a Hollywood Legend Most? Oscar 2013 Producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan Talk Money, Sex, and Power

Tomas Mournian | Posted October 2, 2012

Meron and Zadan's partnership initially took shape in New York City at the Public Theater, where, working for producer Joe Papp, they adopted the legendary producer's forward-looking ethos of color-blind casting and championing minority writers.
Marshall Fine


Escape Fire Director: How to Save Healthcare

Marshall Fine | Posted October 2, 2012

Yes, Matthew Heineman knows that the cost of healthcare and access to it are major issues in the approaching election. But no, he doesn't think that kind of political focus on the issue is helpful.
Dyana Posner


A Unique Sound Sets ZZ Ward Apart

Dyana Posner | Posted October 10, 2012

I do not think it's unfair to say that most of today's most popular music all sounds the same, because it does. The music industry desperately needs someone to stir things up. We need an original sound. Enter ZZ Ward.
Vanity Fair

Lena Dunham Shopping Advice Book About Dating, Dieting and Death Obsession for $1 Million

Vanity Fair | Posted October 2, 2012

Critical darling and comedy wunderkind Lena Dunham plans to extend her pop-culture reach beyond television and indie film with a book preliminary titled Not That Kind of Girl: Advice by Lena Dunham.
Dan Persons


Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast: Looper

Dan Persons | Posted October 2, 2012

Is Looper a moving, existential examination of one man confronting the consequences of his actions? Is it a kick-ass, science-fiction thriller that gets considerable, mind-freak mileage from its time-travel scenario? Or is it an overhyped, poorly-plotted bit of pretentious cool?
Bonnie Fuller


Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Hurt His Family Again By Writing A Tell-All Autobiography

Bonnie Fuller | Posted October 2, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger -- how could you put your ego ahead of the well-being of your kids and estranged wife, by revealing more secrets about your cheating!
Denette Wilford


'Last Resort' Is No Last Resort

Denette Wilford | Posted October 2, 2012

'Last Resort' is easily one of the fall's most exciting, engrossing new shows, and while I can't tear my eyes away from the screen, I have to admit, I'm confused a lot of the time.
Liz Smith


The Rich Get Richer... The Perks of Going to See 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

Liz Smith | Posted October 2, 2012

If you survived teenage, then there is more than a little remembrance and looking back at what it was like to be a lonely naive high school freshman. Yet this story is about such a person being befriended by disgruntled seniors who have their own problems.
Jesse Kornbluth


Tift Merritt: She Looks Like the Girl Next Door. But When She Sings...

Jesse Kornbluth | Posted October 2, 2012

Another Country made me hopeful about a singer I knew nothing about. Tift Merritt's songs were smart and soft and deep, and she had a honey voice that a country singer would kill for, and, on the CD cover, she was beautiful in a girl-next-door way.
Michael Bialas


Foreign Feminvasion, Part 1: First Aid Kit Has Healing Austin Powers

Michael Bialas | Posted October 2, 2012

Though they don't know if Emmylou Harris has heard "Emmylou" yet, they were pleased to get endorsements from Rosanne Cash and Polly Parsons, daughters of the legends. "To us that's pretty crazy," Klara said. "Nothing we ever expected."
Erin Ruberry


Why 'Call the Midwife' Is the New 'Downton Abbey'

Erin Ruberry | Posted October 2, 2012

The British import, which premiered in the U.S. on PBS Sunday night, transplants Downton's formula for success (British period drama with plenty of plot twists) from the English countryside in the early 1920's to a working class neighborhood in 1950's London.
Scott Mendelson


Review: The Paperboy (2012)

Scott Mendelson | Posted October 2, 2012

Lee Daniels's The Paperboy is a movie that frankly skirts by purely on the good will of its actors.  The story is pretty much a wash, even if its mundane nature wins points for probable realism.
Evan Shapiro


We Have Watched 2,100 Years of 'Gangnam Style'

Evan Shapiro | Posted October 2, 2012

News Flash: People are wasting a lot of time online. No, really, it's true. While this may not be news to some of you (especially anyone with a "FarmVille" account), the sheer magnitude of the amount of wasted time may surprise even the most jaded among you.
Jaimie Etkin


'The Voice' Recap: Cody Belew Is The Cutest Contestant Ever

Jaimie Etkin | Posted October 2, 2012

There was another former boybander, another back-up singer and many pretty young things for Cee Lo to drool over -- except Christina is the one that seems to have her eye on them. Plus, we meet perhaps the cutest singer ever to grace "The Voice."
Mike Ragogna


Legendary Giveback: A Conversation With Seth Avett, Plus Chats with Duran Duran's Roger Taylor and Mary Frisbie Wood and More

Mike Ragogna | Posted October 3, 2012

The song "Suspicious" is about having suspicions about your lover cheating on you, about having that feeling you can't quite put your finger on, but you know it's happening. Oh, and it's happening alright... it's happening.