Easy Thanksgiving Side Recipes That Can Be Made In 15 Minutes Or Less

Take it easy on yourself this holiday.

11/13/2015 06:00 am ET | Updated Nov 16, 2016
Iowa Girl Eats

Thanksgiving is a glorious holiday, no doubt, but if you’re hosting it’s a ton of work. Between the appetizers, sides, turkey and pies, there is hardly any time to enjoy the friends and family who are spending this day with you. We have a suggestion for this year: take it a little easier on yourself and get out of the kitchen.

We have the recipes ― ahem, 15-minute recipes ― you need to make sure you can do that.

Just because you can make a carrot soufflé doesn’t mean you should. We have appetizers, soups and vegetable sides that can all be made in a matter of minutes ― so you can kick back and enjoy your loved ones on this day of thanks ... at least a little.

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