17 Gifts For The Boss Lady In Your Life

BRB, she'll just be building an empire. ☕ ✨ 💻

11/29/2016 04:04 pm ET | Updated 2 days ago

She’s not bossy, she’s the boss. You know that woman, hell, maybe you are that woman: the one who is outrageously talented, annoyingly excellent at her job, and generally an all-around badass.

In the spirit of women celebrating other professional women, we’ve rounded up 17 adorable gifts sure to brighten up the workspace of a colleague or a friend. A dose of workplace inspiration never hurts when you’re trying to build an empire.

  • 1 I Am The Boss Plaque
    $28, Wildfang. Buy here.
  • 2 Dream Big Work Hard Mug
    $18, SmallGlow. Buy here.
  • 3 Gold Monogram Desk Tray
    $16, ModParty. Buy here.
  • 4 Feminist With A To-Do List Pin
    Word For WordOtherwild
    $12, Word For Word. Buy here.
  • 5 You Can Do Hard Things Pencils
    $10, SmallGlow. Buy here.
  • 6 Every Day I'm Hustlin' Cross-Stitch
    $22.93, Thimble & Bobbin. Buy here.
  • 7 Boss Lady Pen Set
    $15, Sweetwater Decor. Buy here.
  • 8 Makers Gonna Make Office Print
    $3, TypeSecret. Buy here.
  • 9 77/100 Gender Pay Gap Tee
    $35, Prinkshop. Buy here.
  • 10 Building An Empire Mug
    $14.99, Glitzy Miss Designs Co. Buy here.
  • 11 Feminist Girl Boss Print
    $20, Avant Dante. Buy here
  • 12 Boss Lady Travel Mug
    $20, Sweetwater Decor. Buy here.
  • 13 Goal Digger Sweatshirt
    $39.99, Spotty Cat Apparel. Buy here.
  • 14 Werk Werk Werk Print
    $10, Made Au Gold. Buy here.
  • 15 Girl Boss Mousepad
    $11, By Tracey. Buy here.
  • 16 My Favorite Position Is CEO Mug
    $5, Shine Store Co. Buy here.
  • 17 Gold 3-Tier Bar Cart (because sometimes a lady boss needs a drink)
    $149.99, World Market. Buy here.

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