04/28/2016 09:48 am ET | Updated Apr 28, 2016

27 Side-By-Side Photos Of Moms And Kids That Look Identical

The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

Kids often look like their parents, but it can be downright startling when you see the uncanny resemblance in side-by-side photos. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked moms in the HuffPost Parents community to share photos of themselves and their kids at the same age, and the side-by-side photos are amazing. Check them out and share yours in the comments below.

  • 1
    Jennifer Thompson
    My daughter and me at 4 months old, in the same dress.
  • 2
    Carrie Biney
    Me and my youngest son. I was a year old and he was 5 months, but he was a big boy -- so that's when he was the size of one year old me.
  • 3
    Melissa Glover
    Color picture of my daughter (8 years old), black-and-white picture of me (9 years old).
  • 4
    Rhonda Vaughn
    My daughter and me, both in second grade.
  • 5
    Tarah Brown
    My daughter's preschool picture came home and I knew it looked very familiar! (She's on the left at 4 years old, and I'm on the right at 5)
  • 6
    Markell Marler Lyng
    My daughter on the left, me on the right! Strangely everyone thinks she looks like my husband, not me.
  • 7
    Wara Karim
    My daughter and me (both of us were around 2 years old).
  • 8
    Lainey Laferriere
    My daughter (2 in 2014) and me (2 in 1984) as flower girls in my cousin's (2014) and my aunt's (1984) weddings, respectively. Even similar dresses!
  • 9
    Crystal Goddard
    My son on the left and me on the right; both around 4 months old. When he was born, everyone kept saying that I made myself.
  • 10
    Cathy Patrowic
    Me on the left at about 2 years old, and my daughter at the same age on the right.
  • 11
    Sahar Zardkoohi
    Me on the left and my son on the right, both at 18 months!
  • 12
    Marcie Morris
    Me and my son at 18 months!
  • 13
    Susanna Tunberg
    Me and my son (on the right).
  • 14
    Nicole Morrison Kirsch
    My son and me, both at 9 years old.
  • 15
    Laura Hall
    Here is me at 3.5 years old, and my daughter Freya at the same age.
  • 16
    Carla Giblin
    I'm on the left, my daughter is on the right.
  • 17
    Erin Goodrich
    Me on the left and my daughter Charley on the right, at 18 months.
  • 18
    Tara Lynn Parsons
    Me on the left and my son on the right.
  • 19
    Katie-Lynn Reale Morgan
    Me and my daughter.
  • 20
    Sara Stahley Merritt
  • 21
    Leah Jones Eckblad
    Me and my son.
  • 22
  • 23
    April Green
    This is me (on the left) and my son (on the right) both at 2.5 years old.
  • 24
    Lorrie Guindon
    Here is a picture of me at age 2 on left, and my daughter at 22 months on right. Same place. Possibly the same Santa :)
  • 25
    Kathryn Leigh
    That's me on the left when I was around 1 years old and my son on the right when he was almost 1.
  • 26
    Beth Kim
    Me at about 6 months and my son Martin at 8 months.
  • 27
    Paulette Weleski
    This is me and my daughter at about the same age.


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