350-Pound Marlin Jumps Onto Fishing Boat In Dominican Republic, Dies (VIDEO)

08/28/2013 12:55 pm ET

In Dominican Republic, fish catch you.

A group of Florida-based fishermen were fishing off the coast of the Dominican Republic Thursday morning when a 350-pound marlin leaped into the boat, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Fisherman Bobby Jacobson managed to capture the huge flopping fish on camera. Captain Eddie Wheeler says normally he releases billfish caught aboard his boat -- also known as the Marlin Darlin -- but this fish died of "self-sustained" injuries, according to WTKR. Wheeler gave the marlin to local fishermen.

While this 350-pounder definitely made a splash, it was nothing compared to the huge marlins that have wrought havoc on fishing boats in the past.

In October 2012, a 600-pound marlin jumped onto a boat and knocked down a skipper off the coast of Cairns, Australia.

Last January, a fishing boat off of Panama capsized just after somebody caught a gigantic black marlin. The marlin itself didn't cause the sinking -- but a series of photos posted on Facebook make it appear as if the marlin is bringing the boat down.

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