Get Your Game Day On With These Chic And Stylish Ideas

10/10/2016 06:42 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2016

It’s fall sports and recreation season. There’s no better time for getting together with friends or family to watch your favorite events and games. If you want to skip the classic spread of traditional treats and drinks, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your space, the food you nosh on and everything else in the mix.

Switch up the eats. There’s a lot you can do with food, especially now with so much access to delicious items online to make and serve at home. Swap out traditional chips for snacks like Snapea Crisps, or use fresh herbs and flavored salts for your own homemade popcorn, fries, and tortilla chips.

Create a comfortable and stylish environment. Guests coming over means you’ll need plenty of space and additional seating. Add a few fashionable items into the mix to accommodate. This Nook pouf is ultra cozy and durable, and available in a bunch of colors to work with your space. When it comes to showing your team spirit, you’ve got a number of ways to do it with form and function. Nima Sports puts the power of technology into team favorites with sleek and stylish design. Don’t forget to plan for a place for people to put their coats, handbags, shoes and other personal items during the game.

Load up on the essentials. Serving, plates and other needs don’t have to be elaborate — just make sure you put a little thought into what you’re using to give it a stylized feel. Susty Party has created a huge collection of incredible items for parties and events — it’s all eco-friendly, and you can choose from different designs to create a look or theme.

Have fun with drinks and cocktails. Beer and soda are common for game day. But you can get clever with what you serve by having a few variations to the classic beverages. Stolen Fruit mixers combine grapes and fruit, which can be used with or without alcohol. Modern Sprout has the most adorable grow-your-own seed kit for cocktails that will keep your drinks on point all season long.

You can get even more creative with special invitations, centerpieces and other items. Don’t forget plenty of desserts and treats!


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