03/20/2017 06:12 pm ET | Updated 2 days ago

All Your Favorite Accidental Penis News Bloopers In 1 Glorious Video

This video is nuts!

Journalists on live TV can’t get too cocky. Events can alway conspire to humble you ― such as the drawing of an accidental penis.

Believe it or not, TV news is full of accidental penises, especially during weather reports. 

Yeah, like this.

YouTube/News Be Funny

This video is an aggregation of the most outrageous accidental penises to pop up in live newscasts.

Like the time last November when Kaci Aitchison of Q13 Fox in Seattle was trying out a new artificial intelligence game that requires players to draw a specific object as the computer tries to guess what it is. 

It didn’t go so well.


Cloud Penises!