01/15/2016 11:24 am ET Updated Jan 15, 2016

Astronauts Take Stellar Selfie During Historic Spacewalk

The astronauts successfully installed a replacement power unit.

British astronaut Tim Peake and NASA's Tim Kopra ventured outside the International Space Station early Friday to repair a power unit during a spacewalk -- and documented it with an out-of-this-world selfie:

NASA Johnson
ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Tim Peake taking a selfie during his first spacewalk.

The astronauts were tasked with replacing the power system’s Sequential Shunt Unit, which is an electrical box. After about 2 hours and 11 minutes, the astronauts installed a replacement unit and brought full power back to the space station. (See the video above.)

The historic mission was not only the first spacewalk of the year, but also the first time a British citizen has walked in space.

As Peake floated out, space station commander Scott Kelly called out, "Hey Tim, it's really cool seeing that Union Jack go outside. It's explored all over the world. Now it's explored space." 

Replied Peake, the first spacewalker to wear the Union Jack on the shoulder of his suit: "It's great to be wearing it, a huge privilege, a proud moment."

The spacewalk was terminated at 12:31 p.m. EST after a small bubble of water was discovered inside Kopra's suit.

The astronauts are safe and the helmet water has been analyzed to determine where it came from in the suit.

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