02/01/2016 03:41 pm ET

Barack Obama Serenades Hillary Clinton In Parody Endorsement Video

Here's to you, Madame President.

In the style of "The Graduate," comedy duo Postcards from BarryHill envision what a presidential endorsement for former secretary of state Hillary Clinton might look like with their video "Madame President."

The video, a parody of "Mrs. Robinson," replays some of the most iconic scenes from the film Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft made famous, with a dead ringer for Barack Obama and a big-haired, big-laugh Hillary lookalike. 

While this is an obviously goofy YouTube sketch video, some of the (crass) political commentary hits home.

"They're so afraid to finally have a woman at the helm / Men with power hate to have to share," Barry sings. "Saying they're afraid to make choices that are hard / When what they fear is that your dick's bigger than theirs."

And just like the original "Mrs. Robinson," the tune has a great hook and super catchy chorus: "Just enjoy the power that you got! / It makes you hot! / And pantsuits rock!"


Postcards from BarryHill

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