Bernie Sanders Is The Next President Of The United States (Of The Week)

Here's where things stand.

02/14/2016 07:46 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2016
The Huffington Post

Well folks -- we've been surveying the race for the last 57 weeks (yes, you've had to deal with us for that long), and we've finally done it: We're ranking Bernie Sanders the leader of the pack. Took us long enough, right?

When we started on this adventure at the beginning of 2015, we spitballed an absurdly comprehensive list of all the possible candidates we might encounter along the way (Note Lauren's horrific handwriting). Visitors to the HuffPost DC Bureau have studied the chart intently for clues to a secret agenda: in truth, we were clueless, and remain so.  

Lauren Weber

As you can see, some people disappointed us greatly by denying us the joy of a free-for-all Democratic contest (we're looking at you, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden). Yet on the Republican side, almost ALL of these folks ran (minus Joe Scarborough, alas, though he'd sign up as Mike Bloomberg's running mate in a midtown minute). And most of those who ran have faded back into the woodwork from whence they came. 

As we find ourselves on the Presidents Day of 2016, the field is whittled down to the final 9. Well really 8, plus the ever-present threat of Bloomberg's independent run (we're waiting, Mike). 

The country as a whole is finally proving to the media that feeling the Bern is a real phenomenon, the Clintons and Bushes of the world are wondering what happened to political dynasties, and a reality show star could end up the next president of the United States.

You have 38 more weeks of us telling you we have no idea what's happening. But we will be full of conviction as we do so.

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