Caught On Tape: Man Shoots Out Of Truck Like A Rocket -- And Survives

Here's one more reason to wear your seatbelt.

01/21/2016 04:52 pm ET | Updated Jan 21, 2016

Dramatic dashcam video captured a man being ejected like a rocket from a rolling pickup truck during a terrifying single-car crash in Brazil over the weekend.

Even more astonishing: He reportedly survived.

Video shot Sunday in the southern Goiás state shows the out of control vehicle somersaulting, scattering debris across the road, just as the man flies out of a window.

A man is seen being ejected out of a car like a rocket in Brazil as the rolling vehicle flies off the road.

Incredibly, the man suffered only a broken leg, the Daily Star reported.

His driver, who is seen exiting the wreckage and running over to his passenger, was reportedly given a breath test after it was determined that he had been drinking before the crash. It was found that he had not reached an illegal limit, however.

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