02/19/2014 02:29 pm ET | Updated Feb 19, 2014

Puppy Fed Bleach Suffers Chemical Burns


A puppy in Kansas that animal rescue workers are saying was fed bleach and suffers chemical burns is recovering after surgery Monday.

Unleashed Pet Rescue And Adoption told FOX 4 News they discovered the puppy, Bridget, after a Craigslist ad offered the pup and her siblings for free. Unleashed told the station the person who posted the ad was someone who knew the owner of the dogs and wanted them to find a safe home.

When rescuers arrived to pick up the puppies, they noticed Bridget in particular appeared to have been severely abused.

Vets found the dog to have chemical burns covering her head, face, inside her mouth and throat down to her stomach.

“I don’t know a dog that would voluntarily put its face in some bleach and then drink some,” Danielle Reno of Unleashed said.

Now, the 8-month-old Lab mix continues to fight after a life-saving surgery to remove metal shavings found in her stomach. On their Facebook page, the rescue group said she is recovering well and is able to eat on her own.

"The vets were astonished with how quickly she is recovering!" the post reads.

Reno told KMBC that the puppies were found left outside during recent frigid storms.

A donation page set up by the group raised enough money to cover the pup's surgery. Any other donations will go to the care of other neglected and abused animals.

Police are investigating the abuse claims after being given information about the original owner.



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