11/11/2013 03:54 pm ET

FBI Investigating Possible Child Sex Abuse At Fort Meade


The FBI is looking into allegations of child sex abuse at the Fort Meade Youth Center in Maryland.

The Army Times reports that Fort Meade spokesperson, Mary Doyle declined to name the youth center employee suspected of the abuse. She also said the employee left their job voluntarily last year.

The youth center cares for children of military and civilian Defense Department families who are in grades six through eight.

"We are intent on scrutinizing our policies and procedures to ensure incidents like those that are alleged do not happen again," Doyle said, according to the Baltimore Sun. "The full attention of the garrison staff, including our counselors, our child care professionals and chaplains, is focused on assisting the investigators and ensuring the children in our programs are receiving the care they need."

CBS Baltimore reports that a 24-hour call center has been set up for parents seeking information on the case at 1-866-454-9414.


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