12/11/2013 06:51 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Dashboard Camera Captures Woman's Car Crash - And Her Reaction Is Amazing

Her car crashes. It flips off the road, and everything inside is thrown violently to the right. The windshield shatters, showering her with glass. The car lands, miraculously enough, right side up. And through it all, the woman driving in the video above doesn't flinch, not once.

The friend who uploaded the video from her dashboard camera to his YouTube channel wrote this in the video's description: "Luckily, nobody got hurt. Gotta admire how she keeps her cool though, I'd be bummin' had this happen to me... She had a good laugh this morning, which she could surely use. And a new car. And more driving lessons."

We're not sure why driving lessons weren't included in the stone-cold badass training this woman was obviously undergoing, but we definitely admire her composure!


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