01/06/2016 05:12 pm ET

If David Attenborough Could Be Any Animal, Here's What He'd Pick

It seems like he's a little conflicted.

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Sir David Attenborough held a Reddit AMA session in which he revealed that if he could be any animal, he would be a sloth... or maybe a bird.

Renowned British naturalist Sir David Attenborough took some time out from exploring the Great Barrier Reef and soothing the public with his silky voice to answer fans’ questions on a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread Wednesday afternoon.

Some highlights: The human British National Treasure revealed that if he could be any animal, he’d be a sloth.

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Though this answer conflicted slightly with another response in which he said if he could transform into any organism, he’d become a bird.

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The contradiction was not lost on Redditors.


But it’s David Attenborough, so we’re gonna let this one slide.

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We also learned that his favorite native British animal is the harvest mouse.

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And Attenborough, who has previously called humanity a "plague on the Earth," said that one of the most pressing things humans to do to help the planet is to slow down population growth.

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Best of all, we got to see his excellent sense of humor in action.


Get it??

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