17 Gifts For Women Who Are Ready To Start The Revolution

Nasty women keep fighting. πŸ‘Š πŸ‘Š πŸ‘Š

11/30/2016 09:57 am ET | Updated 5 days ago

It’s been a weird, hard year for a lot of women. But if there’s one silver lining to the hellscape that is 2016, it’s that women and men are energized to fight for what they believe in. Buying pithy T-shirts and pins certainly won’t start the (non-violent) revolution, but sometimes it’s fun to have a kickass uniform to do your grassroots fighting in.

We all need a reminder every once in awhile that today is not the day or week or month or year to be complacent. Below are 17 fun pieces of swag for the nasty women in your life who remind you to get out there and do the damn work. 

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