02/14/2017 03:24 pm ET | Updated Feb 21, 2017

Latinos Send Heartfelt Messages Of Love To Their Families For V-Day

Because Valentine's Day is about more than romantic love.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for lovers. It’s a day to celebrate all the people you love the most.

NBC News asked young Latinos across the United States to talk about their love of their family. In the video, shared via Facebook on Tuesday morning, they share how their family has shaped them. 

“A lot of the times we always think about mi novio, my partner [when] Valentine’s Day is coming up, but we always forget about the people we really admire in our family,” says a Mexican-American named Perla. 

At the end of the video, each Latino takes time to send a message of love to their family.

“Thank you for letting me blaze my own trail,” Jennifer from New York says in her message to family.

Watch the video above.


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