Lin-Manuel Miranda And The Rock Made A Musical Parody About Millennials

We guess you could say it's lit AF, fam?

11/30/2016 12:15 pm ET

Official sexiest man alive Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and unofficial cutest man alive Lin-Manuel Miranda teamed up to make a little something called “Millennials: The Musical.” Yes, don’t worry, it’s a parody. 

The short, 14-minute musical chronicles the forbidden love story between Crystal (an app-addled, selfie-obsessed millennial) and her neighbor Jack (an accountant who uses an actual map, like made out of paper). 

The two 20-somethings attempt to overcome their lifestyle differences while scouring a juice bar/yoga studio and EDM club for Crystal’s missing iPhone. References to 2016 abound.

The resulting production is no “Hamilton,” let’s be clear on that. But it’s still, as the kids say, quite lit. If you’ve ever wanted to watch young people sing and dance about Bumble, Harambe, Burning Man, Lena Dunham and Netflix-and-chilling, hit play below. 

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