Adorable Little Girl Thinks Her Dad's Explanation Of Snow Is Hilariously Wrong

"No, it's a true story!"

01/18/2016 11:11 pm ET
  • Ed Mazza Overnight Editor, The Huffington Post

It's snow use... she doesn't believe it.

A little girl thinks her dad's explanation for snow is hilariously wrong, and he posted a video on YouTube showing her reaction. 

"Snow falls from the sky," the dad explains while she laughs. "And it blankets everything."

"Daddy's funny," the little girl replies with laughter.

"No, it's a true story!" the dad insists, but she's not falling for it. 

"You don't believe it?" he asks.

"Nope!" she says without hesitation.

"Toddler daughter isn't buying my CRAZY theory about snow..." wrote redditor mrcurmudgeon1900, who posts on YouTube as mrCurmudgeon.

She may not be buying it, but the Internet sure is. The clip racked up more than 1.5 million views over the holiday weekend.


(h/t Liveleak)


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