These Creepy Frozen Pants Have No Chill

Outdoor Denim Sculptures looks like the Invisible Man decided to walk around shirtless.

01/19/2016 03:51 pm ET

What people in Minneapolis are doing with their jeans may just leave you cold. 

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  • January temperatures are so frigid in the Twin Cities that pants can be made to stand up on their own.
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  • Now locals are freezing jeans and putting them in their yards as icy sculptures.
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  • Tom Grotting is credited with starting the frozen fad a few years back, according to neighbor Jolana Bernhardt. "This year he posted on Facebook and sort of dared people to do it too," Bernhardt told KARE TV.
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  • Bernhardt quickly warmed up to the idea."I just ran them through the washing machine [and] brought them out after the spin cycle. It took a couple minutes to get them to freeze," she said.
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