02/16/2017 04:46 pm ET | Updated 3 days ago

Husband Decorates Bedroom With 7,000 Handwritten Post-It Notes For His Wife

Each sticky note listed a different reason he loves her. 💘

One dedicated husband just one-upped us all with a truly elaborate Valentine’s Day surprise for his wife.

Jennifer Brinley
Jason Brinley raised the bar on Valentine's Day surprises. 

Jason Brinley of Florence, Alabama decorated the bedroom he shares with his wife Jennifer with 7,000 (!!) Post-it notes listing the many he reasons he loves her and memories they’ve made together. 

Jennifer Brinley
The couple's bedroom was covered with thousands and thousands of sticky notes.

Oh, and on top of that, he organized the sticky notes to create an 8-bit-style design (reminiscent of old-school Mario video games) with hearts and words like “love facts” and “I <3 you.” 

When Jennifer came home from work on Tuesday, the bedroom was totally transformed. She knew her husband had something up his sleeve for Valentine’s Day but she had no clue what to expect. 

“I absolutely couldn’t believe it! It was crazy. I knew he was doing something that was taking a lot of prep work, but I had no idea it was that,” she told The Huffington Post. “The best thing I could think of was that he was making me a board game. This goes so much further than that!”

Below, a sampling of the Post-it notes that Jennifer received. 

Jennifer Brinley
"I love that you put animals before people."
Jennifer Brinley
"I love how you force me to do things that I need to do but don't want to do -- like take my vitamins." 
Jennifer Brinley
"I love the way you say cutesy things that make me laugh. Rawr!" 
Jennifer Brinley
"I love you because after you got poked in the eye on our Vegas wedding weekend, you wore a pirate eye patch around that we bought at Treasure Island." 
Jennifer Brinley
"I love that you sing when you cook and no one else is around." 
Jennifer Brinley
"I love the way that you don't take life too serious." 
Jennifer Brinley
"I love that you know me so well that we can't play poker together because you know when I am bluffing." 
Jennifer Brinley
"I love sitting at your office with you when you work late so that you don't become scared by things that go bump in the night." 

Between all of the writing and design preparation, the project took months to complete. Then Jason spent Tuesday hanging poster boards covered with the sticky notes on the walls. 

Jennifer Brinley
"Jason told me afterwards that he was sure I was onto him -- but c’mon! Who would ever think they would get as wonderful of surprise as this?!" Jennifer told HuffPost.

On Wednesday, Jennifer shared a photo of the finished product on Reddit. The post has been upvoted more than 5,600 times with more than 500 comments. 

For now, the Post-its are still on the wall as Jennifer slowly makes her way through each and every one. Afterwards, she plans to compile them all into a book.

Jennifer Brinley
Jason even got her a t-shirt to match the design of the bedroom. 

“He really did think of everything,” she said.