01/16/2017 03:25 pm ET | Updated Jan 18, 2017

Rob Schneider, Of All People, Decides To Explain MLK To John Lewis

And on MLK Day no less.

2017 is weird. 

On Monday, Rob Schneider, that guy in that one Adam Sandler flick, decided to explain the historical significance of Martin Luther King Jr. to civil rights icon John Lewis ― who, coincidentally, can be seen in the below photo marching on the frontlines with King during the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery.

John Lewis could have never guessed when this photo was taken that an actor named Rob Schneider would one day take the time to explain the significance of MLK Jr. to him.

In a tweet, Schneider said some stuff that we’re frankly just not going to paraphrase because, c’mon, it’s the guy from “The Waterboy” explaining Martin Luther King Jr. on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to a man who was standing next to Martin Luther King Jr. on the day of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. 

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet for when Schneider decides to take it down:


Perhaps you are asking, does Schneider’s tweet come in reference to Lewis, a Georgia Congressman, saying Donald J. Trump is not a “legitimate” president? To which I answer: Who cares?