Spotted: Penn Badgley Looks Like An Off-Brand Zayn Malik Now

This “Gossip Girl” star has gone in a new direction.

11/30/2016 09:38 am ET | Updated 4 days ago
Jason DeCrow/AP

Hey, Upper East Siders. HuffPost here. And we have the biggest news for you.

Spotted at Art Basel Miami on Monday night: Lonely Boy, aka Penn Badgley. The 30-year-old actor and musician has apparently ditched his signature CW look and is headed in a new style direction ... One Direction, to be more specific. 

Badgley and his band Mothxr played a set last night at the Life of the Party event in Brickell City Centre, but it was his new blond ‘do that got everybody talking.

Taking a page or two from Zayn Malik’s How 2 Be Edgy: A Beginner’s Guide, the “Gossip Girl” star looked almost unrecognizable with bleached blond tips and a face full of scruff. 

Pacific Coast News

We’re all in support of a good makeover once and a while, but we’re gonna give this look a Serena van der Would Not for a lack of originality. 

Watch the music video for Mothxr’s song “Touch” below:

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