07/15/2015 10:10 am ET

The Best New Ice Cream Flavors For Summer 2015

It’s that time of year again: ice cream season is in full swing and we’re doing our part to make sure everyone makes the most of summer’s license to eat as much of the good stuff as possible.

For the past few years, we’ve rounded up the summer’s best new flavors, and this year we’ve done it again. After trying dozens of pints (somebody had to do it), we narrowed it down to nine favorites.

If you’re as passionate about ice cream as we are, you’re going to want to take note. These flavors hail from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, New York. They run the gamut from cream-based to dairy-free, from simple to complex, and from traditional to wacky. There may or may not even be real Doritos in one of the flavors. 

So, without further ado, we've ranked the nine best new ice cream flavors of 2015 (saving the best for last).


  • 9 Banana Nut Confetti Ice Cream from Three Twins
    Three Twins
    Like banana bread? Wish you could eat it in ice cream form? Here's your chance. This ice cream has "comfort" written all over it. And the flecks of chocolate make it all so much better. 
  • 8 Speculoos Cookie Butter Dairy-Free Ice Cream from Steve's
    Steve's Ice Cream
    Cookie butter ice cream is so real. What we love about Steve's version is the luscious texture and the chunks of crispy speculoos cookies. Oh, and it's dairy-free, which we also never would have guessed had we not have been told. It's some kind of magic.
  • 7 Tomato Water Sherbet from Salt & Straw
    Salt & Straw
    This sherbet is totally surprising and awesome. It's at once refreshing and weighty -- the tomato flavor actually quite powerful. It's also sweeter than you might anticipate, which may not sound appealing, but is actually great. All good things here with this sherbet. 
  • 6 Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream from Three Twins
    Three Twins
    There are real cherries in here. Enough said. Yet, we could go on: the big chocolate chunks, burst of cherry flavor... If you like fruit and chocolate together (which you should) this one spells: D-A-N-G-E-R, 'cuz you won't be able to stop eating it.
  • 5 Wildflower Honey Pistachio Dairy-Free Ice Cream from Steve's
    Steve's Ice Cream
    No one would know this was dairy-free unless they were told. The texture is spot on, and so are the real, whole pistachios mixed throughout. The honey isn't too sweet or overwhelming, but a goldilocks-style just right. Unlike other non-dairy frozen desserts made with coconut cream, the coconut flavor doesn't come through in this ice cream. All you taste is decadent pistachio and swirls of honey. We could eat A LOT of this.
  • 4 “Netflix” Ice Cream from Cool Haus
    Made with a white cheddar popcorn-infused base and studded with REAL Nacho Doritos, this ice cream will take you on a wild ride. We were wary of Doritos in our ice cream, but the result is a masterpiece. And yeah, it's as addictive as Netflix.
  • 3 Carrot Carrot Cake Ice Cream from Salt & Straw
    Salt & Straw
    The off-putting orange color wasn't enough to dissuade us from falling head over heals for this flavor. There's cream cheese frosting IN the ice cream! And there are REAL big pieces of cake. Whatever technology they use to make the cake so moist and the cream cheese frosting so amazing, we want to know about it. WOW. This flavor will surpass your wildest expectations.   
  • 2 Almond Poppy Seed Ice Cream from Snoqualmie
    This ice cream is by for the most unique and interesting that we tried this year. Just like Ample Hill's Snap Mallow Pop, whose marshmallow texture just blew our minds last year, it's all about the texture here. This flavor's consistency was slightly sticky, like almond paste, and trust us, that's a good thing. The ice cream lingers in your mouth, forcing you to spend time with it. Throw in the poppy seeds and you've got a crazy exciting dessert -- that is obviously also appropriate for breakfast.
  • 1 Honeycomb Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen
    Ben Van Leeuwen
    This ice cream is the king of the season. It wins a big, fat, GOLD medal. Made with a sweet cream base and chunks of crispy, crunchy, caramel-sweet honeycomb, it's a divine gift from the heavens, worth worshipping all summer long.

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