09/30/2015 04:20 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2015

16 Trader Joe's Foods You Need To Discover (And Then Hoard)

Did someone say pudding?

You're already going to Trader Joe's for the cookie butter, and most of us swear by Two Buck Chuck (which is now actually $3 at most locations).

But there are many, many Trader Joe's finds that you're not paying enough attention to ... unless you're a brilliant shopper, that is. 

We asked a handful of HuffPost editors for their favorite under-appreciated or little-known items at America's most secretive supermarket. The lineup is equal parts useful (pre-marinated chicken!), surprising (who knew there were hybrid tortillas?!) and tastebud-tingling. Check out their descriptions of these must-have foods below.

  • 1 Cilantro and Jalapeño Hummus
    Suzy Strutner
    "I eat it with a spoon. There's a spicy kick that you don't get in garlic or sundried tomato hummus."
  • 2 Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter and Sage
    Suzy Strutner
    "The little dumplings heat up to chewy perfection. You'll literally lick the sauce out of your bowl."
  • 3 Belgian Chocolate Pudding
    Suzy Strutner
    "Sweet but not too sweet, and it lasts more than one sitting. I eat it with fresh fruit."
  • 4 Farfalle with 4 Cheeses and Spinach
    Suzy Strutner
    "It'll get you that 'Oh HELL YEAH' reaction."
  • 5 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers
    Suzy Strutner
    "They're basically grown-up Dunkaroos."
  • 6 Organic Tuscan Kale
    Suzy Strutner
    "It's darker and meatier than regular kale."
  • 7 Frozen Mac 'N Cheese
    Suzy Strutner
    "As close to homemade mac and cheese as you'll get."
  • 8 Premium Salmon Burgers
    Suzy Strutner
    "You can microwave them for a super quick dinner, and they're so flavorful that I eat them plain."
  • 9 Cheddar Cheese With Caramelized Onions
    Suzy Strutner
    "The big nuggets of sweet onion are unreal. It's got a nice, crumbly texture, too."
  • 10 Handmade Chocolate Ganache Torte
    Suzy Strutner
    "My mom has asked for this for her birthday every year for a LONG time. It's stupidly delicious."
  • 11 Corn & Wheat Tortillas
    Suzy Strutner
    "They have the texture of a flour tortilla with the taste of corn. Yum."
  • 12 Pollo Asado
    Suzy Strutner
    "It saves you lots of time since it's pre-marinated, and it's great for tacos, salads and burritos."
  • 13 Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Dip
    Suzy Strutner
    "It's cheesy, perfectly seasoned, actually has real pieces of artichoke in it, and will completely satisfy any last-minute visitors who pop by your house."
  • 14 Chicken Gyoza Potstickers
    Suzy Strutner
    "I could eat a bag in one sitting."
  • 15 Burrata
    Suzy Strutner
    "The cheapest burrata you'll ever find."
  • 16 Chocolate Brooklyn Babka
    Suzy Strutner
    "Seriously decadent."

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