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Another Month, Another Breitbart Debacle

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Fresh off of watching his ACORN pimp hoax unravel in public view this winter, and awaiting his star student, James O'Keefe, who faces criminal charges for his recent arrest in New Orleans, Andrew Breitbart is spending his springtime overseeing yet another dubious campaign. He's running around claiming that the often unhinged anti-Obama Tea Party movement is categorically void of any racial (or anti-gay) animosity, and that any suggestion to the contrary is a flat-out lie designed to smear the good patriots of the right-wing movement.

Breitbart is adamant about one thing: No Tea Party demonstrators directed the N-word at Reps. John Lewis and Andre Carson as they attempted to pass through a right-wing mob to reach the U.S. Capitol on the day members of Congress passed historic health care reform legislation. Breitbart, who was not present in Washington, D.C. that day, insists that the congressmen lied when they told reporters about the racist attacks they heard that day. Breitbart makes that claim because he's apparently sure that the only racism in America today comes from the political left.

Led by Breitbart and his juvenile no-they're-racists allegation, the GOP Noise Machine has casually accused liberals and Democrats and blacks of "race hustl[ing]" and playing the race card in the wake of the health care showdown. According to the suddenly race-obsessed Breitbart, civil rights hero Lewis is "lying" about the verbal slurs, and when black members of Congress walked across the street to go vote for health care reform that day in late March, that "in and of itself" was "an act of racism." (I'm not making this up.)

So apparently this whole thing was an elaborate, Passion Play-like production, involving a large cast of characters, including unsuspecting reporters as well as a noted civil rights leader, a Blue Dog conservative Democrat and a labor union leader, who plotted, in advance, to concoct a racist confrontation and then to have all sorts of people confirm it in real time (i.e. It was a "set-up").

Either that, or once again, Breitbart has no idea what he's talking about.

It's your call.

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